Sublime original macaroons of the house Fauchon

Sublime original macarons of the house Fauchon

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Sublime original macarons of the house Fauchon

Crunchy and then soft in the centre, macarons are a real hit with gourmets and foodies alike. With their round, airy shell and creamy, melting ganache, these round delicacies are among the specialities of the Fauchon house, which is the perfect address for those looking for original macarons in Paris. The world-famous pastry chef offers a selection of his famous original sweet macarons, whose recipes are constantly renewed to seduce the palate even more. Here, it is said, "going around the world is faster than going around the macarons".

Made from exceptional ingredients carefully selected by our pastry chef, all our original macarons are invitations to a unique and unforgettable taste journey. Each step of the macaron making process is subject to increased attention and rigour, for a product that is ever closer to perfection.

Perfumes original macarons: tasty weddings

A true monument of French pastry-making, the original macaron from Fauchon is available in a myriad of recipes that are as daring as they are exquisite.

In creating their range of original sweet macarons, the Fauchon chefs seek out traditional flavours as well as new ones. Classic flavours such as chocolate, pistachio or salted butter caramel can be enjoyed alongside tasty combinations: chestnut and blackberry; raspberry and rose; milk chocolate and passion fruit. You can also opt for themed boxes, creamy macarons (caramel, praline, dark, white or milk chocolate, coffee) or fruity macarons (vanilla, lemon, pistachio, raspberry and rose), which are among Fauchon's best sellers.

Original sweet macarons: the Strawberry connection macarons

Among Fauchon's original sweet macarons, the Strawberry connection collection invites you to romantic evenings. The strawberry and vanilla macarons are set alongside one of the house's latest creations, the strawberry-yuzu macaron: the acidity of the Japanese citrus fruit, whose fragrance is somewhere between tangerine and grapefruit, blends with the sweetness of the strawberry in perfect harmony. These original macarons are offered with a half bottle of rosé champagne, for a delicious evening for two.

Original macarons in Paris always fresh

If you wish to order online, Fauchon guarantees that your original macarons in Paris will be as delicious as ever five days after their dispatch date. The delicacies are sent in isothermal and refrigerated packaging, specially designed for the transport of macarons. Even far from Paris, Fauchon's round sweets are still available to you.