At Christmas, macarons to offer and enjoy.

With their creamy ganache sandwiched between two slightly crispy shells and a melting cookie, the macarons are the perfect gift to delight your loved ones at Christmas. A true pastry jewel, the macaron is a gift in itself. It awakens all the senses and offers a moment of intense tasting that renews itself with each bite for an exceptional gourmet break.

Offering Fauchon macarons for Christmas

The macarons are the fruit of the know-how and the high standards of the Maison Fauchon. They are elaborated from the best ingredients and made by hand with the meticulousness of a goldsmith according to a traditional recipe. Each macaron is therefore unique, imbued with all the attention, virtuosity and patience necessary at each stage of its production. More than a simple pastry, you offer a refined and subtle artisanal creation in an elegant case.

Decline the pleasures

Because the macaron is a unique delicacy, Fauchon declines it in a multitude of finely worked flavors that are as many unforgettable taste experiences. At Christmas, some will appreciate the lightness of fruity macarons, starting with classic flavors such as raspberry, lemon, rose, without forgetting the daring combinations of blackcurrant and violet, pistachio and lemon, mango and rose or vanilla and raspberry.

Others will enjoy the delicacy of creamy macarons, with generous and deep flavors: caramel, white chocolate with a milk heart, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee, hazelnut praline... Traditional, gourmet or unusual, discover a wide range of flavors that promises to amaze all palates during the holidays.

To be savored as a dessert to end a good meal with an airy touch or to be savored alone for a special moment, Christmas macarons are as delicious to share as they are to keep for yourself.

A box of macarons for Christmas

At the foot of the fir tree, among the many colorful gift packages, a box that is just waiting to reveal its contents stands out. It is an elegant box of Fauchon macarons. A meticulous design, in an original, shimmering, classic or voluptuous style, themes for all tastes: make your choice to create the enchantment of your recipient.

Thanks to the mixed boxes, accompany your majestic box with a bottle of Fauchon brut champagne and offer a high-end gift to match your intentions. In selections from 6 to 32 pieces, the Fauchon boxes are suitable for all appetites and all wallets.

Why offer macarons for Christmas ?

As the holidays approach, everyone is thinking twice about finding a gift idea that will please their loved ones. While some gifts go straight to the heart, others fall into oblivion and are added to the long list of objects that were not needed. What we often forget is that a gift doesn't have to be permanent! Think of trips, spa days, good bottles of wine that are meant to be drunk but can leave a precious and lasting impression on the recipient.

Macarons are a perfect example. By offering macarons, much more than a beautiful box and delicious bites, you offer a unique moment of pleasure of priceless value. Just like roses, macarons can convey a thousand and one emotions through their different characteristics. Words become flavors, emotions become colors.

Delivery of macarons for Christmas

The big day is approaching and you didn't have time to go to the store, a new guest has been announced for your meal, where you have just thought of creating a surprise with an assortment of homemade macarons? Wherever you are in France, make your gift ideas come true up to the last minute by taking advantage of the 72-hour internet delivery service.

To delight family, friends and lovers at Christmas, discover our boxes of macarons now and let yourself be tempted by the graceful voluptuousness of this emblem of French pastry, sublimated by the century-old know-how of the House of Fauchon.

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