The signature macarons: chocolate

The signature macarons: chocolate

Discover the signature buttons

Discover the Chocolate Signature macarons

Chocolate lovers won't believe their taste buds. FAUCHON has created for aficionados and lovers of fine wines a Signature collection of 5 new chocolate macarons! Get ready to melt before a crescendo of flavors, from white chocolate to ultra dark chocolate 100% cocoa. As beautiful as they are good, they won't leave you indifferent...

Milk Heart White Chocolate Macaron

A creamy white chocolate ganache with a light vanilla flavor and a creamy milk chocolate heart 34% cocoa. Sweet, the Milk Heart White Chocolate Macaroon with a two-taste ganache is the milky and regressive touch of this new collection. Origin : Ivory Coast and France.

Milk Chocolate Macaron

Perfectly balanced milk chocolate macaroon, milky and not very sweet. A sweet milk chocolate ganache with 34% cocoa, reinforced by a hint of cocoa from Venezuela for a ganache with an exceptional length in the mouth. Origin: Ivory Coast and Venezuela. 

Dark Chocolate Macaron

The ganache of the Dark Chocolate macaroon is powerful but balanced. This recipe developed to become the classic of the chocolate range is intense, not very sweet and without bitterness. The selection of a Venezuelan Carupano 62% cocoa makes a strong contribution. Origin : Venezuela (Carupano) - Criollo beans. 

Dark fruity chocolate macaron

Dark chocolate macaron of unequalled finesse. A ganache without bitterness, slightly acidic with fruity notes. The length in the mouth and the yellow fruit notes will surprise you. Origin : Dominican Republic - Trinitario beans.

Ultra Dark Chocolate Macaron

Made of pure cocoa paste (100% cocoa, sugar free) from Venezuela, the Ultra Dark Chocolate Macaron is the most powerful, full-bodied and amazing recipe in the range. Authentic, aromatic and without bitterness, dark chocolate from Venezuela is considered one of the finest.  This recipe will seduce lovers of great vintages and intense dark chocolate. Origin: Venezuela - Criollo beans.

This collection is available in store in boxes of 8, 12 and 16 buttons.
Boxed set of 8 macaroons: 19€ | Boxed set of 12 macaroons: 28€ | Boxed set of 16 macaroons: 37€.

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