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Artisanal Christmas Chocolate

Artisanal Christmas Chocolate

Giving Artisanal Chocolate for Christmas 


Giving chocolate for Christmas, whether artisanal or not, has always been a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays with loved ones.

Chocolate holds a significant place in our society, especially during certain religious events like Christmas and Easter, or during family moments such as weddings or sharing special moments like Valentine's Day.

Despite the abundance of chocolate at the end of the year, some chocolates remain rare due to the craftsmanship of artisans and the ingredients used. Some cacao beans are more delicate than others or more difficult to obtain due to their geographical location, which strongly influences the yield of certain cacao trees.

Since 1850, Fauchon has offered a selection of artisanal chocolates, created and refined by the best French artisans. Discover the different types of chocolates available as well as our creations, and let yourself be charmed by our variety of artisanal chocolates for Christmas.

Artisanal Chocolate for Christamas : What Sets It Apart

Two types of chocolates are offered during the holidays like Christmas: artisanal chocolate and industrial chocolate.

Industrial chocolate is made up of industrial additives, colorings, and flavors. This chocolate contains a lot of sugar and oil, unlike artisanal chocolate, which does not.

Artisanal chocolate stands out for its subtlety due to the raw materials used to produce it. The secret of artisanal chocolate lies in the ingredient, which is pure cocoa butter chocolate, but also in the recipe and the expertise of our master chocolatiers.

The artisanal chocolate offered by Fauchon's master chocolatiers combines quality, delicacy, and precision.

Fauchon's Artisanal Christmas Chocolate

To create the best artisanal chocolate, our master chocolatiers have done exceptional work by bringing together the best ingredients. For Christmas, several collections will tantalize your taste buds.

Our collection of artisanal chocolates was designed by the Chief Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Fauchon, and Pascal Caffet, Chief Chocolatier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France. In these cases, artisanal chocolate is combined with various noble products such as vanilla, hazelnut, passion fruit, caramel, raspberry, or violet.

The balance of textures and flavors between praline, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate allows our artisanal chocolates to tick all the boxes for the best artisanal Christmas chocolate and delight all lovers of sweet pleasures.

Every bite of artisanal chocolate offered by Fauchon will take you to a world full of indulgence.

Our Artisanal Christmas Chocolate Boxes

To satisfy the palates of your loved ones during this festive period, we offer different artisanal chocolate boxes for Christmas:

The box of 24 audacious chocolates. This box of 24 artisanal chocolates for Christmas or for another occasion is the ideal box to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

The box consists of Maison classics (hazelnut pralines, almond chocolate, coconut chocolate, and ganaches), as well as 4 new chocolate flavors: dome with fleur de sel, dome with blackcurrant, praline hazelnut rocks, and almonds coated in white and milk chocolate... The perfect blend to give pleasure to gourmets for Christmas and enhance this celebration.

The assortment of 15 chocolates. This box represents the best way to discover Fauchon chocolates.

A heart of milk chocolate hazelnut praline, a dark chocolate ganache, a milk chocolate filled with crispy hazelnut praline with crepe dentelle, and much more: this box contains the best artisanal Christmas chocolate.

These essential chocolate boxes, as well as other artisanal chocolate sets for Christmas, can be found in Chocolat & Confiserie.


Chocolate has always been the ideal gift during the holiday season, for friends, family, or to mark a special occasion.

Chocolate represents a sign of tenderness and love towards your loved ones. This tradition has been preserved for decades and can suit all kinds of palates, thanks to the endless possibilities of chocolate combinations.

At Fauchon, giving artisanal chocolate is much more than that: it's a way to show affection for your loved ones, but also to share an experience, a moment of conviviality and happiness, with artisanal chocolate made for you. Our artisanal chocolate boxes have been created to make each sharing moment unique.

Reinvent your Christmas and celebrate the magic of the season with Fauchon artisanal chocolate.