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Christmas chocolates

Discover Christmas chocolates

With FAUCHON, bet on the subtlety of chocolate at Christmas!

Chocolate truffle, chocolate beggar ... Chocolate can take many forms during the holidays! With FAUCHON, choose the chocolate that most suits you or offer a box of chocolates for Christmas to those you love.

Offer chocolates from FAUCHON

Offer a box of chocolates for Christmas, yes, but not just any box! Offering FAUCHON chocolates means being sure to please with a contemporary line of chocolates, as good as they are beautiful. We offer great classics as well as original creations, and in particular a new collection of pralines that are both crunchy and melting, featuring classic or original recipes. Our chocolates are displayed in beautiful boxes that you will enjoy keeping and looking at. Lovers will revel in heart shaped boxes of Christmas chocolates, as glamorous as they are delicious. We offer many boxes containing all kinds of chocolates: dark or milk, ganache or praline...

Chocolate truffle and chocolate beggar: perpetuate the tradition

A Christmas without chocolate truffles would not be a real Christmas. The chocolate truffle, with its melting heart and cocoa taste with a hint of vanilla, is a real pleasure for the taste buds. True chocolate lovers are not mistaken! For Christmas, offer FAUCHON chocolate truffles by choosing among the different sizes available. To vary the pleasures, think of chocolate beggars, delicate chocolate pastilles decorated with dried fruits. This confectionery is the ideal way to reconcile the pleasure of fruit with that of chocolate.