When we talk about "food and wine pairing", we often think of "food and wine pairing" and not "food and tea". However, the range of possible teas and flavours also allows for many pleasurable pairings with the food of your choice, without the side effects.
You can pair it with sweet things such as pastries and cakes, but also with savoury things such as wholemeal meals or cheese! It is also up to you, according to your preferences, to test and create your own combinations.

What are the rules ? 

Food and tea pairings, like food and wine pairings, are very personal. There are no strict rules. However, here are some guidelines to know:

- A similarity pairing: pairing a food and a tea with common flavours. For example, a Sencha tea pairs perfectly with green vegetables.

- A contrast pairing: combine a dish and a tea by mixing different but complementary tastes. For example, an Earl Grey tea with citrus notes blends perfectly with a butter biscuit.

- A fusion pairing: a food and a tea should be combined with two distinct flavours to bring out a new impression. For example, a Darjeeling Imperial F.O.P. tea with a blue cheese such as Roquefort or Bleu d'Auvergne.

Our Executive Chef, Sébastien Monceaux, reveals his best FAUCHON tea and food pairings for your pleasure:

Sweet :

- Biscuits with raspberry morcels served with tea "An Afternoon in Paris"
- Very chocolaty f biscuits with tea "Evening in France"
- A lemon meringue pie with alemon & ginger green tea
- A caramel éclair served with tea "One Night in Paris"
- A FAUCHON Bisou-Bisou with a red fruits green tea 

Savory :

- FAUCHON sea bream tartar from the Grand Café with Gyokuro tea 
- A FAUCHON cheese slate with Earl Grey tea
- A FAUCHON charcuterie board served with Pai Mu Tan tea
- Caviar with a Ceylon B.O.P. tea 

You can also find the recipe for the mocktail "La P'tite Madeleine" by Sébastien Monceaux, a recipe to be enjoyed with an authentic tasting foie gras and some FAUCHON salted biscuits!