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Birthday gift: why give chocolate?

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Give chocolate as a birthday present

Give chocolate as a birthday present? It's an idea that doesn't immediately come to mind when we think of giving our loved ones a gift each year, and yet it's a gourmet present that will delight the taste buds of the people we love. In this article, Fauchon gives you all the good reasons to give chocolate for a birthday.

Chocolate, an original and delicious birthday gift

We are used to giving chocolate on occasions such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day or Easter, in order to have the most delicious holidays possible.

However, giving chocolate is not only reserved for these occasions. Have you ever thought of giving a chocolate gift to your loved ones on their birthday?
Chocolate is a confectionery that perfectly represents greed and is one of the most appreciated foods. To give chocolate is to give love and comfort, to offer a unique taste experience and an explosion of flavours to someone you love on an important occasion. Thus, offering a box of chocolates for a birthday will be both surprising and original; it's a great opportunity to spoil your loved ones with panache... And this is true whether it's dark, milk or white chocolate.

By giving chocolate to a loved one for their birthday, you are also giving them the opportunity to fall back into childhood with this gift that is as full of authenticity as it is symbolic. More than a simple gift, you are offering them an unforgettable moment of tasting, which they may even choose to share with other people. What's more, chocolate is a healthy food, which also gives you the opportunity to offer well-being and pleasure to your loved ones, and to show them that you care.

What chocolate to offer for a birthday?

At Fauchon, we do everything possible to ensure that the excellence of our products will please your loved ones. The know-how of our company promises you exceptional morsels that will be very welcome at a birthday party. Offer fine chocolates to your most gourmet friends for a guaranteed high-class tasting experience, filled with sweetness. We have something for everyone:

● 24 fabulous pralines: this box will offer unique moments. Designed by the Chef Pâtissier and Chocolatier Fauchon and the Chef Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, known for being Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the 24 fabulous pralines exalt the intense flavours of cocoa through 13 recipes. Composed only of noble products, these chocolates are made with artisanal pralines subtly coated with dark or milk chocolate. Therefore, by opting for this box, you will make a birthday gift filled with greedy and crunchy textures.
● Collection of 54 chocolates: also known for having been developed by our Chef Pâtissier and Chocolatier Fauchon and Chef Chocolatier Pascal Caffet Meilleur Ouvrier de France, this box of 20 bold and surprising recipes will be a real treat for the taste buds of the most gourmand. Crunchy praline, creamy caramel or melting ganache will be a winning bet for the person you wish to offer sumptuous chocolate flavours to.
● Écrin de 54 chocolats pralinés et champagne: To add bubbles and joy to the delicious case of 54 praline chocolates, you can accompany it with a bottle of Fauchon brut champagne for an unparalleled marriage of delights.
● Dark Chocolate Heart Box: Offer a magnificent metal box in the shape of a heart filled with 7 dark chocolate hearts to show the love you have for the person to whom you are offering this beautiful gift. From then on, you will guarantee him or her a trip to the land of flavours thanks to a tasting of dark chocolates filled with gianduja and crêpe dentelle chips: an unmissable combination.
● 15 dark and milk chocolate hearts: for a birthday party, this assortment of 15 little gourmet hearts will make an impact. It's a great choice if you want to offer both the sweetness of a milk chocolate filled with Piedmont hazelnut praline and the character of a dark chocolate filled with a gianduja with lace slivers. All packaged in an elegant heart-shaped box.
● Dark chocolate truffles: great classics of the gourmet, Fauchon dark chocolate truffles, known for their melting texture and intense cocoa taste, will form a fine and ideal gift for gourmets.
● Milk chocolate marshmallow bear: Give the gift of a return to childhood with Fauchon milk chocolate marshmallow bears with a touch of vanilla. These crunchy, individually wrapped teddy bears in a charming box will make even the older kids fall in love.

For a successful and timely chocolate birthday gift, don't hesitate to make your purchase on our website: we take care of everything to make sure that the person you are giving chocolates to will smile as soon as possible.

Treat your father to a chocolate tasting

At Fauchon, you can also make your father happy if he is a chocolate lover. Considered as the caviar of gourmandise, chocolate will transport your father to the most tender memories of his childhood. Whether it's praline chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, a wide selection of treats is available on our site.

To celebrate the most important man in your life, discover our new box of 24 fabulous praline chocolates, made up of eight different flavours: the crispness of the praline, the melting of the ganaches and the creaminess of the caramel... A plurality of tastes that will make your father happy.

For a gourmet Father's Day, Fauchon also presents its 54 chocolates collection box: a collection that exalts the intense flavours of cocoa. Create unique tasting moments for your father, who will savour the bold recipes of this box through these 54 bites, alone or with his family.

Macarons for Father's Day

For the most insatiable palates, Fauchon also offers a box of macarons for your dad. What better way to offer a touch of colour that combines both aesthetics and an explosion of flavours on Father's Day?

Explore our site and find the macaron box that will suit your father best. We suggest these must-have French pastries in different forms: from a box of 8 to 32 macarons, this will be the ideal gift for your dad. To make your gift even more exceptional, you can also choose a box of macarons accompanied by a Fauchon brut champagne that we will deliver directly to your home.

Father's Day: give him a personalised gift box

Would you like to give your box a unique and personalised dimension? In that case, opt for a customised box. By choosing the size of the box, the products and the message, make sure you give your dad the perfect gift.

Be original by defining the theme and the ideal format of the Father's Day gift box. Sweet, savoury or mixed? Small, medium or large? Fauchon offers you the possibility of putting together your own box so that it perfectly matches what you want to give your dad, so that he can enjoy a sensational and surprising tasting experience.