This fall, FAUCHON celebrates tea!

Since 1886, an avant-garde spirit has led FAUCHON to pioneer a French approach to tea. First pure, then flavored since 1960, with the desire to sublimate a marvel from elsewhere: the marriage of ancestral Asian know-how with the French art of living.

This mission remains intact today: to conceive teas as messages of joy, capable of transforming every occasion into a celebration.

To achieve this, there is no room for chance. Our tea experts have succeeded one another, keeping the history and memory of recipes unchanged for centuries, while pursuing innovation and creation.

Today, from the design of our products to the selection of raw materials, we continue to pursue this desire, to sublimate the essences of nature to recall our happiest memories.

To taste a FAUCHON tea is to live an experience made of magic, sensations, perception, memories and emotions.

We believe that by sublimating the present moment, we will make it a happy memory for tomorrow.


These archives, as guardians of time, bear witness to changes and eras, to conquests and victories, but above all to the stories of men and women who, over a cup of tea, loved, sang, cried and then promised never to forget.



The first gastronomic moment of the day, it is the one that sets the tone. Whether you prefer it to be generous and varied, or light and full of vitamins, it is an essential part of the French art of living. The brioche, butter and vanilla flavors already awaken the senses.

For a fresh and thirst-quenching wake-up call, choose a tea with zesty and mentholated flavors.

For a good mood, we prefer the flavors of a bunch of sparkling red fruits!

English Breakfast" lovers will fall under the spell of the unavoidable Morning - a delicate blend of Ceylon and Assam black teas - for which our house is famous.

The lunch

Whether it's a summer salad, a more formal business lunch or a brasserie terrace, we choose an invigorating tea that will prolong the moment. If tea and food pairing is particularly popular in Asia - where it is customary to accompany a lunch with a cup of tea at the table - our house will guide you step by step to discover which tea will be the best match for your lunch.


Tea time

Tea time is a moment of delight! The Parisian spirit, the relaxed luxury, the laughter and the declarations of love. FAUCHON tea time is the time for confidences and little secrets. A melting Madeleine, a crunchy raspberry cookie and a few savory mignardises punctuate this wonderful moment. With family, friends, or enjoying your own company, tea is the undeniable star. You can choose it pure for a journey beyond the horizon or scented for a fruity escape. Let yourself be lulled by our special selection of French tea time.


The cocktail

A glamorous moment of the day, the cocktail hour will make you discover teas in a new light. When the lights dim, the tea liqueurs infuse with plant and fruit absolutes or prestigious spirits, to bring out new and charming sensations.


At night

In the evening, when it's time for confidences and dimmed lights, plants inspire silence and serenity. Soothing herbs and sweet, honeyed blends leave you dreaming.

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