Fauchon, tea Expert

Fauchon, tea Expert

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Since 1886, when it was founded, FAUCHON has been introducing green teas and exclusive recipes. Then, in the 1960s, FAUCHON was one of the first to create and offer its customers scented teas.

Each tea is designed by FAUCHON experts, just like the perfumers create their great scents: teas and scents are chosen and blended to match, highlight and give balanced, smooth and surprising sensations in the mouth.

A very "Made in F" collection that invites you to discover French-style tea: neither conventional nor ceremonial, FAUCHON tea can be savored in an uncomplicated, epicurean way?


The Parfums de Paris collection invites you to let yourself be swept away, bewitched by the charm, poetry and sensuality of Paris.

FAUCHON Blend Tea: This is the most famous of FAUCHON's fragrant creations, of rare elegance. A refined black tea with citrus, vanilla and lavender scents.

The Parfums Fruits & Fleurs collection blends brewed flowers and baskets of fruit as if in paradise.

FAUCHON Rose and Apple Tea: Floral and fruity, FAUCHON Rose and Apple Tea combines the intoxicating scent of the rose with the exquisite, fruity, slightly musky flavour of the ripe, almost candied red apple.

The Parfums Gourmands collection is inspired by FAUCHON's signature pastries and sweets.

FAUCHON Caramel Tea: A black tea with notes of caramel, whose soft, sweet flavours make this creation so delicious. This fine and balanced tea reveals the smoothness and creaminess of the candy.

Birthday, Birthday, New Years... All these moments of joy are inspirations that allow us to create the Celebrations collection.

FAUCHON 2018 Tea: Celebrate the year 2018 with this exotic tea with sweet and savory notes of pineapple and vanilla.

FAUCHON selects the most refined teas from a collection of Origin Teas that brings together great vintages and house blends.

FAUCHON Morning Tea: A powerful and spirited blend. FAUCHON has brought together two great black tea origins - India and Sri Lanka - to offer you a tea that is powerful and spirited on the palate.  This tea with its frank aroma and woody notes is ideal for a panache-filled awakening.

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