the chief sébastien monceau

The chief Sébastien Monceaux



At 44 years of age, including sixteen years working for FAUCHON, Sébastien Monceaux, Executive Chef, instils his fluid and daring style into the FAUCHON House, creating subtle and imaginative dishes. Born into a family of artisan butchers, he has a taste for authentic local products. With him, tastes, colours and volumes respond to each other and surprise by their capacity to make classics evolve, to reenchant market products, to marry their origins. This former Lutetia chef takes his inspiration from the simplest products, which he revisits with new and balanced additions, and touches of evasion.


Rigour and a love of good food allow him to identify the best products and ingredients during his many trips around the country. Once back in Paris, he knows how to transform them, to make them travel, to produce the refined and creative dishes expected by FAUCHON's demanding customers. He knows how to evolve with the values of his time, and his intensely gourmet, generous and always very elegant compositions are the perfect representatives of 21st century French haute gastronomy.


A true lover of good food, Sébastien Monceaux carefully selects each ingredient and validates each FAUCHON recipe. He travels the world in order to pass on his know-how and train the Chefs of tomorrow. He claims to be constantly searching for exceptional products and works with French producers and craftsmen with whom he shares the love and know-how of good products but also the respect of the environment. To make each FAUCHON tasting a unique moment, Sébastien Monceaux and the House's experts have created products with recipes that are each more delicious than the next.

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