Oscietre Caviar from Aquitaine - 1.76 oz

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1.76 oz box

‌A French caviar from sturgeon born and bred in Aquitaine. Elaborated in a traditional way, local and in the respect of the animal our caviar is at the same time subtle and powerful. Fauchon Ossetra caviar, from our exclusive production of Gueldenstaedtii sturgeons condenses sea flavors and hints of buttered nut and avocado notes into sensual caviar. Its firm golden brown eggs roll perfectly under the palate, gradually freeing the delicate flavours of harmonious and refined caviar.

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  • Storage and tasting tips
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Storage and tasting tips
Much demanded by connoisseurs, Ossetra is a sought-after selection, its sensuality comes out admirably in spoon tasting. This great caviar is most suitable for use in refined dishes, which will sublime the sparkle of these golden eggs.
Store between 0°C and +4°C
Ingredients and allergens