Blackcurrant & Violet

Blackcurrant & Violet

Discover the flavours of blackcurrant and violet macarons

Renowned for its pastry-making expertise, Maison FAUCHON offers a collection of the famous handmade macarons made in F, the fruit of the House's know-how and exacting standards. This collection offers an experience of absolute pleasure, thanks to perfect mastery of the different stages and production times specific to this pastry, a veritable work of culinary goldsmithery. The round, velvety, airy shell of Macarons FAUCHON fades into a creamy, melting heart...

The blackcurrant-violet macaron, where the sweetness of tart blackcurrant meets the lightness of violet. A subtle fruit-flower combination not to be missed!

Discover the flavours of blackcurrant and violet macarons


Blackcurrant & violet macarons made by hand

Blackcurrant & violet macarons made by hand

The FAUCHON's Cassis Violette macaron is a daring creation that takes the taste buds on an exquisite journey. FAUCHON has skilfully combined blackcurrant and violet in this delicious macaron.

The subtle combination of blackcurrant and violet creates an explosion of flavors in the mouth. The crunchy shell gives way to a velvety blackcurrant ganache, offering a fruity, slightly acidic sweetness. Delicate notes of violet sublimate the whole, adding a floral, perfumed touch that blends perfectly with the intensity of the blackcurrant.
FAUCHON, renowned for its craftsmanship and pursuit of excellence, makes each Cassis Violette macaron with meticulous precision and care. Each bite is a perfect balance between the vibrant flavors of blackcurrant and the delicate nuances of violet. Whether for a special occasion, a moment of indulgence or as a gift, Fauchon's Cassis Violette macaron is an invitation to taste escape. It embodies elegance, refinement and a passion for haute pâtisserie.

Let yourself be seduced by the unique combination of blackcurrant and violet, and savor every moment of this sublime creation. FAUCHON has succeeded in transforming these two emblematic flavors into an exceptional macaron, where the fruitiness of the blackcurrant and the delicacy of the violet merge to create an incomparable taste experience.

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With which tea to associate the macaron blackcurrant & violet?

Fauchon’s blackcurrant & violet Macaron offers a bold combination of fruity and floral flavours. To accompany this delicate macaron, here are some suggestions for pairing with teas:

Black tea with violet: To reinforce the violet note present in the macaron, you can taste it with a black tea scented with violet. The combination of the floral flavours of tea and macaron creates a subtle and elegant harmony.

Black tea with rose: Violet and rose are classic combinations in pastry. A black tea scented with rose can bring a delicate floral note that goes well with the blackcurrant & violet macaron.

White tea with red fruits: For a lighter option, a white tea with red fruits, such as berries or cherries, can create a nice association with the macaron. The fruity flavours intermingle, creating a balance between sweetness and acidity.

Mint infusion: If you prefer a theine-free option, a peppermint infusion can bring a pleasant freshness with the blackcurrant & violet macaron. The refreshing mint complements the fruity and floral flavours of the macaron.

How do I store my blackcurrant & violet macaron?

To preserve the taste and freshness of this pastry jewel, keep your macaron away from a source of moisture. FAUCHON blackcurrant & violet macarons can be stored for 5 days after the shipment of your order, cool, ideally at 2-5 degrees.

With what gustatory agreement can we marry the macaron blackcurrant & violet?

The marriage of blackcurrant, violet and dark chocolate is delicious. The richness and bitterness of dark chocolate, like those of our dark chocolate bar filled with praline, blend perfectly with the sweetness of the fruits, creating a rich and balanced combination.

Fresh cheese: An unexpected but delicious pairing can be made with fresh cheese, such as goat cheese or ricotta. The light acidity and creamy texture of the fresh cheese pleasantly complement the fruity flavor of the macaron.

Light vanilla cream: A light vanilla cream can bring a subtle sweetness and a note of freshness to the accord. Vanilla harmonizes well with the flavors of blackcurrant and raspberry, creating a delicate balance.

For a more festive experience, the FAUCHON Rosé Champagne can be an excellent pairing with the macaron. Sparkling bubbles and fruity champagne notes blend with the flavours of blackcurrant and raspberry, creating an elegant combination.

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