Vanilla Macaron

Vanilla Macaron

Discover the flavours of vanilla macaron

Renowned for its pastry-making expertise, Maison FAUCHON offers a collection of the famous handmade macarons made in F, the fruit of the House's know-how and exacting standards. This collection offers an experience of absolute pleasure, thanks to perfect mastery of the different stages and production times specific to this pastry, a veritable work of culinary goldsmithery. The round, velvety, airy shell of Macarons FAUCHON fades into a creamy, melting heart...

Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar delivers all its power and aromatic intensity in this delicious sweet and refined macaron. The infinitely smooth and greedy ganache reveals a know-how mastered to perfection. A promise of sensations quite successful!

Discover the flavours of vanilla macaron


The craftsmanship of vanilla macarons

The craftsmanship of vanilla macarons

The Vanilla macaron from Maison Fauchon is a true declaration of love to the sweetness and subtlety of vanilla. In this little pastry jewel, vanilla expresses itself with delicacy and elegance, offering a refined taste experience.

The crunchy shell of the macaron contains a delicious vanilla heart, of exquisite sweetness. With each bite, the warm and captivating aromas of vanilla are released, paying tribute to the simplicity and authenticity of this precious spice. Its subtle and delicate flavor invites you to travel and evokes sweet gourmet memories.

This macaron perfectly embodies the excellence of French pastry and the mastery of timeless flavors. It is ideal for a gourmet break, a moment of relaxation or to offer someone special. Let yourself be enchanted by this vanilla, and enjoy this moment of pure taste pleasure.

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With which tea to associate the vanilla macaron?

The vanilla macaron is delicate and subtle in flavor, and it can be wonderfully accompanied by several teas. Here are some suggested vanilla macaron and tea pairings:

A light and fresh green tea can highlight the subtle flavor of vanilla. Try lemon green tea or mint green tea to add a touch of freshness to your tasting.

If you prefer a more robust tea, a balanced black tea can complement the sweetness of vanilla. Choose a classic black tea like Assam or Ceylon Tea B.O.P for a comforting and balanced combination. You can also select an Earl Grey tea that combines bergamot and black tea in a balanced and fragrant accord: the marriage of vanilla and bergamot remains a harmonious classic.

If you’re looking for a theine-free option, rooibos is a great choice, like our dream Merchant Infusion. This red tea from South Africa has a sweet and slightly sweet flavor that complements the vanilla well.

How do I store my vanilla macaron?

To preserve the taste and freshness of this pastry jewel, keep your macaron away from a source of moisture. FAUCHON Vanilla macarons can be stored for 5 days after the shipment of your order, cool, ideally at 2-5 degrees.

How do you pair the vanilla macaron?

The FAUCHON vanilla macaron is a delicately scented and sweet delight that can be harmoniously accompanied by several gustatory accords. Here are some suggestions for pairing the macaron with vanilla:
Fresh fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or peaches, go perfectly with vanilla. Served delicately cut into salads, their sweetness and freshness complement the fine flavor of the vanilla macaron.
The combination of caramel and vanilla creates an irresistible combination. Add a touch of caramel fondant on the vanilla macaron to add a note of delicacy and richness, opting for example by our salted caramel cream FAUCHON.
Honey adds a natural sweetness and flavor complexity that go well with vanilla. You can add a thin layer of honey on the vanilla macaron or enjoy it next to it as a sweet accompaniment.

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