FAUCHON Easter cocktail recipe


Recipe for 4 people



step 1 : prepare the ingredients

  • Put 8 g of Five O'Clock tea in 3 muslin bags and steep for 12-15 hours in spring water and prepare the cardamom syrup.
  • Cut the lemons into thin slices.

step 2 : the mocktail

  • Take 40 g of lemon juice, pour it into the shaker with 60 g of cane syrup and about ten ice cubes.
  • Add 450 cl of Five O'Clock iced tea and about 60 g of strawberry puree.
  • Then shake it all up.

Assembly and finishing : 

  • We suggest you serve this cocktail in a FAUCHON Signature egg. Add a few grams of strawberry purée, then top it off with a gentle pour of champagne.
  • To be enjoyed well chilled.

Fauchon signatures eggs : 

  • The Dark Chocolate Egg: A dark chocolate with a rich and aromatic profile that elegantly expresses the best of two exceptional terroirs: Madagascar & Venezuala. Its powerful attack gives way to the finesse of honeyed flavours sublimated by fruity notes of lemon and red fruits.
  • Milk Chocolate Egg: Its deliciously milky notes recall the sweet memory of a child's tea party. A slight hint of hazelnut subtly enhances the creamy character of this delicious milk chocolate.

Fauchon Five O'Clock Tea : 

  • We invite you to (re)discover Five O'clock, the oldest and most emblematic pure tea of the House of Fauchon, which has not finished amazing us. This sumptuous highland black tea is plucked in Thiashola, a century-old garden in the Blue Mountains province of South India, known for its ancestral know-how.
  • In the cup, Five O'clock offers a beautiful and long unctuousness, of a dark and coppery brown. On the palate, soft cocoa, brioche and fine spicy reflections punctuate the tasting. This tea is the perfect accompaniment to a few chocolate and fruit bites, for a French-style Tea Time.

Fauchon champagne : 

  • A blend of 50% Pinot Meunier, 25% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Noir, FAUCHON champagne is an aperitif wine par excellence. Aged for more than 18 months in the darkness of the Champagne cellars, it has a frank and elegant attack. On the nose, aromas of yellow fruits; on the palate, a roundness and a greediness.
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