Grandfather gift

Grandfather gift
An exceptional gift for your grandfather with Fauchon Why not offer a gourmet gift for Grandfather's Day? At Fauchon, you'll find a wide selection of products and refined gift boxes that are sure to make your grandfather happy!

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FAQ - Grandfather gift

What's the perfect gift for your grandfather?

An indispensable pillar of the family, grandfathers play a key role in the lives of their grandchildren. 'Papy', 'Papi', 'Grand-papa'... Whatever you call him, on his birthday (or any other time of the year), giving him a present is always a good idea. Because this man has been there for you since you were born, show him your love with a present he'll remember.

At Fauchon, we've selected a range of gift ideas for your grandfather, from gourmet and refined to original and surprising. Delicate boxes of chocolates, assortments of quality mustard, foies gras, jams with exceptional aromas... Find the products that will delight his palate.

What present to surprise your grandfather with?

Is your grandfather a sweet tooth? In our selection you'll find a wide choice of original, high-quality sweet treats, including exotic chocolates, macaroons and fruit jellies.

If your grandfather's tastes run more to the savoury side, there are plenty of options here too.

Fauchon offers individual jars of spreads or foie gras, as well as magnificent gift sets. The Farandole salée, for example, contains everything to brighten up the taste buds of a lover of good things:

● Mini-toasts almond and fig 35g (1012332)
● Provençal black olive tapenade 90g (1005781)
● Aubergine ricotta and mint spread 90g (1017067)
● Effiloché of chicken with preserved lemon 100g (1019418)
● Salmon rillettes 80g (380217)
● Crab rillettes 80g (1012947)

Can I personalise the box I want to give my grandfather?

Yes, of course it's possible. To be as close as possible to your grandfather's tastes, don't hesitate to personalise the contents of the box you're giving him. Start by choosing the theme of the box (savoury, sweet or mixed), then its format. Make a mix of the products they like.
Personalising a gift box is an excellent initiative that never fails to touch the recipient. As well as being a gesture of love for them, it's also proof that you know their tastes. Success guaranteed!

What type of alcohol should I give my grandfather?

Over the years, grandfathers have generally acquired a certain knowledge of good spirits. They are often entrusted with the choice of a bottle of wine for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or christenings.

At Fauchon, we guarantee excellence in the choice of our spirits. Whether it's champagne, wine or apple passion fruit, your grandfather won't be disappointed by the quality and mouth-watering flavours of our delicate beverages. To be enjoyed with both sweet and savoury dishes.

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