Recipes Love Tomato with Crabmeat in Hibiscus jelly


Recipe for 10 people


900 g grape tomatoes (choose red tomatoes, sized 30 g)
Hibiscus jelly
25 g hibiscus flowers
420 g water
35 g sugar
32 g vegetable gelling agent
200 g fresh crab meat
90 g green apple brunoise
4 g chopped chives
5 g fine ginger brunoise
2 g grated lime zest
25 g mayonnaise
150 g diced avocado flesh


step 1: prepare the ingredients

Hibiscus jelly: Soak the hibiscus flowers in cold water for 48 hours. Chop and bring the infusion to the boil with the sugar, add the vegetable gelling agent, bring to the boil again and set aside.

Mound the grape tomatoes, keeping the stalk on the tail, then scoop out the tomatoes on the side opposite the stalk. Set aside to chill.

Crumble the crabmeat and mix with the green apple brunoise, chopped chives, ginger brunoise and grated lemon zest. Bind with the mayonnaise. Add the avocado brunoise and garnish the tomatoes from underneath, then chill.

Finishing and presentation :
Glaze cold tomatoes with jelly heated to 80°C.
Arrange the love tomatoes on a plate.

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