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Valentine's Day

Be sure to please your other half with FAUCHON's Valentine's Day gift ideas for men and women. Are you looking for a gift idea for a romantic Valentine's Day as a couple? Gourmet baskets, gourmet boxes, champagne or even boxes of fine heart-shaped chocolates, FAUCHON has a selection of original gift ideas for all lovers, to discover online!

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Express your love with macarons

The iconic product of French pastry, macarons are the perfect embodiment of the refinement and sensuality that floats in the air during February 14. With their sometimes fruity flavors (raspberry, vanilla, lemon, pistachio, rose...), sometimes creamy (caramel, praline, dark, white or milk chocolate, coffee...), Fauchon macarons promise a unique sensory experience with every bite. Made from high quality ingredients and manufactured in the most scrupulous respect of traditions with all the rigor and meticulousness of our pastry chefs, Fauchon macarons are the ideal gift idea to bring a gourmet touch to a romantic evening. In their usual format or heart-shaped in a delightful mouth-shaped box for this special occasion, it's up to you to decide which box of macarons will make your loved one blush this Valentine's Day. Fauchon's macarons are the perfect gift idea for a romantic evening.

Speak your heart with chocolates

Chocolate unquestionably sits at the top of the list of the most seductive Valentine's Day gifts. Comforting, gourmet, tender... Year after year, it becomes the unequivocal messenger of the most ardent declarations of love on the day of the lovers' day. But to faithfully express the nobility of your feelings during this great moment, it is still necessary to find a chocolate that is worthy of your other half. That's why the renowned pastry chefs who work on the development of recipes and the production of Fauchon chocolates make quality their priority. Exceptional raw materials, highly demanding know-how and original recipes are the pillars on which the expertise of the House of Fauchon is based, and on which you can count to give an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift.

A box of high-end gourmet treats for Valentine's Day

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift idea that will make your partner's heart beat faster? Opt without hesitation for a gourmet box that brings together the best of our sweet or savory creations. Foie gras, salted mini-crepes, tapenade, chutney, salted cookies, salmon rillettes or jams, chocolates, caramels and many other delights, accompanied by a bottle of red wine, white wine or champagne from the Fauchon cellar: it's up to you to choose the gourmet box that will make your loved one happy.