What are the most popular macaron flavors?

Macarons, those delicate sweets that melt in the mouth for unrivalled pleasure, have grown in popularity in recent years. Gourmet, colorful and tasty, these little jewels of French patisserie have conquered hearts and got everyone on the same wavelength!

Among the countless tempting flavors to choose from, some stand out for their popularity. From traditional flavors to bold creations, what are the most popular macaron flavors, the ones that captivate and delight every gourmet? Let's explore the most popular tastes for an explosion of flavors in your mouth.


Top 5 most popular macaron flavors

1. pistachio macaron

Surprising as it may seem, the pistachio macaron is a favorite among macaron lovers. Noted for its unique flavor and slightly salty character, the pistachio macaron offers a unique and refined taste experience. Fauchon's Pistache macaron, deliciously composed of Iranian pistachios and white chocolate in its shells and ganache, is to be enjoyed without moderation by fine gourmets

2. raspberry macaroon

Without a doubt, the raspberry macaron is one of the top 5 most popular macarons! This fruity, tangy flavor brings a delicate freshness that blends perfectly with the soft texture of the macarons. The raspberry macaron, carefully created by us, is made with raspberry pulp, creating a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. Treat your taste buds as well as your eyes to this remarkably colorful delicacy.

3. chocolate macaron

A sure-fire hit, the chocolate macaron is obviously one of the most popular macarons. Dark, white or milk, chocolate brings a richness and depth of flavor to this delicious mouthful. The Fauchon chocolate macaron, with its creamy, melting ganache of Carupano 62% Venezuelan chocolate wrapped in light, crisp shells, creates a veritable explosion of flavors.

4. vanilla macaron

A timeless classic, the vanilla macaron stands out for its subtle sweetness and light, airy texture. Made with succulent Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, the vanilla macaron in Fauchon's assortments offers a delicate touch of the exotic in the mouth. Appreciated for its simplicity and delicate taste, the vanilla macaron is sure to win over pastry lovers.


5. lemon macaron

A favorite of lovers of tangy flavors, lemon macarons are incredibly fresh on the palate. For a taste that's both intense and sweet, Fauchon offers a lemon macaron combining two melting shells enveloped in a tasty white chocolate and lemon ganache to awaken your taste buds.


The bold flavors of Fauchon macarons

To break away from traditional flavors, Fauchon chefs have developed innovative creations, each as tasty as the next. In the mood for fantasy? Discover Fauchon's original flavors.

1. rose macaron

For those who love floral flavors, the rose macaron is an ideal choice! Roses offer a delicate fragrance and a sweet note that blend perfectly with the sweetness of our favorite bites. For a romantic and elegant touch, Fauchon opts for a creamy rose ganache and a graceful pastel color for a macaron that's as beautiful as it is delicious.

2. vanilla-raspberry macaron

The harmonious combination of two flavors much appreciated by macaron lovers offers a unique taste experience. The vanilla filling, carefully prepared using Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar , combines perfectly with the tart raspberry for an intense taste and unrivalled freshness. With a vanilla shell and a raspberry shell, this macaron is a hit with everyone!

3. blackcurrant-violet macaron

Why not combine two fruity flavors? Fauchon defies codes and offers an original macaron in both flavor and color. With its hypnotizing purple color, the Blackcurrant-Violet macaroon is synonymous with a balance between the acidity of blackcurrant and the subtlety of violet.

4. the Caramel macaroon

Rich and creamy, caramel appeals to young and old alike. A popular flavor in macaroons, caramel is renowned for its subtle sweetness and irresistible aroma. At Fauchon, the caramel macaron is filled with a creamy milk chocolate and caramel ganache for a velvety texture and delicate taste.

5. Griotte macaron

With its luscious, fruity Morello cherry purée, the soft violet-colored Griotte macaron creates a symphony of flavors in the mouth. Discover this generous and singular delicacy.


What should you serve these macarons with?


At snack time, during a coffee break or as a dessert, there's never an occasion when you don't want to try a marvellous macaron. More than just macaroons, Fauchons macarons are true masterpieces. Every detail is studied to provide your senses with a unique experience.


Accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea, macaron tasting can be a real pleasure. Depending on your tastes, pair these little treats with a hot or cold beverage. Discover Fauchon's selection of teas and coffees to accompany your moments of delight.


Macarons offer a multitude of different tastes and flavors that seduce pastry lovers the world over. Whether you prefer classic flavors like vanilla or chocolate, or sensational creations, there's a macaron to suit every taste. Fauchon, with its worldwide reputation, offers a wide assortment of delicious macarons to satisfy all your sweet cravings. Let yourself be tempted by these little marvels and succumb to irresistible delight.

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