Gifts for parents

Gifts for parents
When parents already have everything, how can they find a gift that will please them? With our gift ideas for parents, you will no longer ask yourself this question. Find our suggestions to spoil your family with boxes and cases of savory or sweet treats specially designed to delight your loved ones.

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Gift idea for parents: a gourmet gift box

For Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, their birthday or just for the pleasure of seeing them happy, there are countless reasons to give gifts to our parents. When we grow up, it is also a question of giving back to those who have given us so much. But even though they are often the people we know best in the world, finding an original gift idea for our parents can be a real headache. How can we please them with something they will really enjoy? There is, however, a gift idea that is suitable for all occasions and that never fails to delight those who receive it: the gift box of sweet or savoury delicacies. A real concentrate of happiness to be tasted, the gourmet box is declined to make the happiness of all the gourmets.

Give chocolates to your parents

As a gift idea for a mum or dad who loves fine chocolates, Fauchon offers various assortments of artisanal creations made by its master chocolatiers. Whether it's intense dark chocolate, milk chocolate or Piedmont hazelnut praline, you'll be spoilt for choice to please your parents. For special occasions, opt for the Champagne and Chocolates box, the ideal surprise in times of celebration.

The macaron, a pleasure to share with the family

Macaron lovers will delight in this House staple, set in their radiantly coloured case. Between two light and crispy shells, these jewels of French pastry enclose a melting ganache with intense flavours of raspberry, vanilla, Morello cherry or even blackcurrant, a gift that your parents can choose to savour alone or with you during a warm family moment.

Caramel, a gift full of tenderness for your parents

A regressive and comforting flavour par excellence, caramel is honoured by Fauchon artisans for your parents' happiness. Grant them a return to childhood for the time of one (or several) bites by giving them the gift of an elegant bag of salted butter caramels, alone or accompanied by its milk jam in the Caramel lover box.

Tea and jam, a universal gift for mum and dad

For small everyday pleasures, parents will be delighted to receive the tea and jam box as a gift, to be enjoyed at family breakfasts or during a gourmet break. Between tradition and sophistication, this box contains two of the classics of the delicatessen, both brought to their peak by a meticulous selection of the best ingredients and rigorous craftsmanship.

Foie gras, a timeless gift idea

An emblematic dish for the end-of-year celebrations, foie gras is a luxury product to be offered as a token of esteem. Accompanied in its box by a fig compote and a jar key, your parents will just have to taste this exceptional product in the rules of the art, with or without you!
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