Gift for the whole family

Gift for the whole family
With our family gift ideas, be sure to please everyone with just one gift. Discover our selection of gift ideas for a family that will delight parents as much as children: gourmet boxes, sweet treats or savory groceries, Fauchon knows how to satisfy the desires of young and old.

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Gift ideas to delight the whole family

At dinner, a party, a birth, at Christmas, before a departure or at the great moment of return, the common gift is a wonderful way to unite all family members around the same source of joy. If tastes and colors are sometimes subject to discord in the homes, Fauchon has set out to design products that appeal to young and old alike, to sweet and savory enthusiasts alike.

The sweet gift box, a gift to enjoy with the family

There is nothing more comforting and convivial than sharing sweet treats with the family. A regressive pleasure that lulls children and takes adults back to the tenderest moments of their childhood. It's the opportunity, for example, to get back into the good habit of snacking! A soft almond cake, a few hazelnut and chocolate chip cookies, delicious homemade caramels and truffles accompanied by a hot cup of tea, this is the timeless family moment that the Fauchon Gourmet Snack Set offers you, for example. Many other sweets to share are available on our online store, including tasty jams, marrons glacés, calissons, citrus shortbread and more.

Gift idea for the whole family: the fine chocolate assortment

The House of Fauchon has crafted the perfect family gift for you: an assortment of high-end chocolate nibbles, hidden in an elegantly designed drawer box. Dark and milk chocolate beggars, white, dark and milk chocolate covered almonds, gianduja chocolates: parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren will find their happiness and much more in this large format gourmet box. Perfect for ending a good meal or offering an exquisite break at any time of the day, this original and refined gift is sure to spark wonder and whet the appetite of your loved ones.

A savory gift box

The dream gift also exists for fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who prefer salty! And here again, there's no need to impose a Cornelian choice between the various Fauchon creations. Choose a gift box that brings together a clever selection of the house's best savory treats and make the whole family happy with the same gift. Whole duck foie gras from the Southwest, mini rosemary goat cheese pancakes, cheddar cheese or even pesto, rillettes, terrines, tapenade and many other surprises await you in one of our savory gourmet boxes, which come in sizes and contents to suit all the gourmets in the household.

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