Christmas gift

Christmas gift
Looking for the right Christmas gift idea? The festive season is an opportunity to offer gourmet products from the Maison Fauchon, to be enjoyed with friends or family. Find the ideal Christmas gift from our selection of the most emblematic dishes such as chocolate, champagne, tea...

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FAQ - Christmas gift box

Can Fauchon Christmas gift boxes be delivered to my home?

Yes, your Fauchon gourmet gift boxes can be delivered to you. Send them to the address of your choice before the festive season! We even offer an express delivery service for last-minute gifts, so don't hesitate to take advantage of it.

Which gift box to give for Christmas?

At Fauchon, we offer you a wide choice of exceptional gift boxes, where refinement and unique flavours come together to delight your taste buds. Our top-quality products are carefully wrapped in colourful designer packaging and will look great on your Christmas table. Choose from savoury, sweet or mixed boxes, accompanied by bottles of champagne or wine.

Chocolate truffles, macaroons, biscuits, foie gras... The Christmas gift boxes in our selection have been carefully put together to brighten up your festive season and help create lasting memories.

How long will the Fauchon products in the gift boxes last?

The shelf life of the products in your Christmas gourmet box varies. Foie gras terrines, for example, should be eaten quickly (a few days) once opened. The same applies to macarons.

Biscuits and teas, on the other hand, have a longer shelf life (dry products).

Are there Christmas gift packs for those on a budget?

Yes, Fauchon has gift boxes for even the smallest budgets! For less than €100, choose from pretty savoury, sweet or mixed gift boxes.

● Savoury break gift set
● Trip to Paris
● Sweets
● Temptations
● Sweet pleasures
● Afterwork
● Gourmet snacks
● L'essentiel Rouge

Who should receive a Fauchon Christmas gift box?

Christmas is a time for sharing, for all generations to come together and enjoy precious moments. Our gourmet gift boxes are complete, to suit all tastes and can be personalised. So whether you're giving them as gifts or simply enjoying them with your guests, they're sure to be a hit!

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Gourmet gift ideas for Christmas

Across the world and for a long time, Christmas is synonymous with conviviality and generosity. It is also a time of year when children, parents and grandparents willingly allow themselves a few gourmet deviations! Chocolate, pastries, confectionery, cakes and all kinds of delicacies can be found in large numbers on the table and under the tree. If Christmas gifts to be savoured are in vogue, it is mainly because they can be given to recipients of all ages and all horizons, year after year, without ever tiring of them. Thanks to exceptional know-how and a skilful choice of ingredients, Fauchon offers you a vast choice of top-of-the-range gourmet gifts to express your generosity with elegance at Christmas.

Give macarons on Christmas Day

Both a must-have and an original, the macaron sits at the top of the list among the best Christmas gift ideas. Emblematic of French luxury pastry and rich in colourful history, the macaron is much more than a small round cake: it is a unique taste experience with every bite. Because of their finesse and the expertise required to make them, macarons are more than worthy of a prestigious Christmas gift. In boxes of 6, 8, 12, 16 or 32 pieces in a variety of flavours - from the classics to the most daring - accompanied or not by their bottle of Fauchon brut champagne: whatever your budget and whatever the preferences of your recipients, macarons will inevitably delight those who open them at the foot of the tree.

Gift idea for Christmas: a box of savoury treats

A box of foie gras and fig compote, an assortment of original mustards, a salty wink with its varied delicacies: you will undoubtedly find something to satisfy the taste buds of your family and friends this Christmas by browsing our selection of delicatessen products. Anyone who has the pleasure of receiving a box of savoury treats as a Christmas gift will have a tender thought for you when they make use of its contents at the table or in the kitchen.

At Christmas, a scented candle under the tree

After the gustatory awakening, make way for the olfactory awakening with scented candles: iris, cedar wood and musk, vanilla and tonka bean or bergamot and green tea. Made from carefully selected and assembled ingredients, Fauchon scented candles are true gifts for the senses. Offering a scented candle as a Christmas gift is much more than a simple decorative object, it is to offer long hours of a subtly exhilarating fragrance, which will plunge the person who lights it into a warm and bewitching atmosphere.
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