Say thank you

Say thank you
Find all our gift ideas for saying thank you to your child's teacher at the end of the school year. Has your child spent a year with his or her teacher and talks about it every night? Plan the perfect gift to make them happy: a gourmet gift full of symbols.

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What end-of-year gift to give the schoolmistress ?

Where to find the perfect gift for the mistress?

The end of the school year is fast approaching and your child can't stop talking about his or her teacher? Plan the perfect gift to thank and please your teacher. At Fauchon, you'll find the perfect gift, one that's sure to put a smile on the face of the person who shares her knowledge every day with humility and pedagogy.

What gourmet gift to give the teacher?

Giving a gift to your child's teacher or Atsem is a gesture of affection and gratitude that reveals how much we appreciate the person who, on a daily basis, contributes to the education and development of our precious cherubs.

A thoughtful gift, without being too personal, is sure to move the kind teacher.

Delicatessen products and gourmet gift sets are perfect gift ideas!

Choose FAUCHON's Farandole salée box, with its minimalist design and exquisite gourmet treats: Mini-toast almond and fig, black olive tapenade from Provence, salmon rillettes and much more, enough to satisfy even the most demanding palates!

Exhilarate the senses with Lemon Ginger Green Tea, featuring two ingredients whose synergy needs no introduction. A hurricane of flavors in the mouth, our teas scented with bouquets from around the world will transport your mistress for a moment of tenderness.

Can we offer other gifts?

It's likely that you're not entirely familiar with the culinary tastes of your master or mistress, but don't panic, we've got just the thing! Choose our fabulous scented candles for sensational fragrances. The Bergamot and Green Tea Scented Candle, with its gentle, light fragrance evoking delicacy and harmony, will delight the sense of smell.
Choose the Iris, Cedarwood and Musk Scented Candle, a delicate, enveloping scent for comforting evenings by the fireside.

Which macarons to choose to please your mistress ?

Fauchon's wide selection of exceptional products includes macaron boxes for unparalleled pleasure! Treat your mistress with the Réglette 6 macarons box, featuring 6 fabulous assortments: pistachio, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. 6, 8, 12, 16 or 32 macarons, the choice is yours. The MAC Box will seduce you with its design and elegance, as well as its assortment of macarons in warm, soft colors.

And why not chocolates ?

The gift of chocolate is a delicate gesture that never fails to delight the recipient. Chocolate expert Fauchon offers top-of-the-range chocolate creations of unique refinement. The irresistible box of 48 Carrés de chocolat noir & lait, ideal to accompany coffee or tea for a sweet break.
Your child may wish to express his or her affection with a box filled with love: the Magenta Milk Chocolate Heart Box filled with 7 little milk chocolate hearts with praline filling.

When and how to give a gift to your mistress ?

Don't wait any longer to order your symbolic gift! Fauchon offers home delivery, so you can give the gift of a devoted gesture in time.
Last day of school, end-of-year party or fair - these are the perfect moments to express your gratitude and that of your child. Pay special attention to the rare and surprising flavors for your teacher and simply say: thank you.

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A gourmet gift for the teacher

Giving a gift to your child's teacher, schoolteacher or Atsem is a gesture full of tenderness and gratitude that comes to underline, through the candor of a child, all the gratitude that the parent feels towards the one who has participated in making their little one grow throughout the year. Because this gift must be filled with attention without being too personal, gourmet food products or gourmet boxes are perfect gift ideas for the school teacher.

Give a box of savory and sweet specialties to the teacher

School is over, and it's time to end this year on a high note by giving a nice gourmet box to the teacher to thank her for her involvement. Only, you don't know if she's more sweet or savory? What if you didn't have to guess? Before the vacations, at the end of the school year or at Christmas, offer her an assortment of luxury treats that she'll love! Our boxes come in several sizes and different contents to give a tailor-made answer to your gift desires. On the savory side, the teacher will be able to taste foie gras, terrines, rillettes, original preparations to spread or small savory pancakes. On the sweet side, fine artisanal chocolates, cookies, salted butter caramels, Montélimar nougats, shortbread, jams, spreads and more await the lucky recipient of your gift.

Macarons for the teacher!

As beautiful as they are good, macarons are a sure bet for a gift idea. A specialty of the House of Fauchon, they are made with all the meticulousness in the world by our renowned pastry chefs to offer a unique taste experience. A light and crispy shell, a melting heart, sometimes regressive, sometimes audacious flavors, and above all incomparable finesse, all elegantly presented in a lovely box: this is what your child's teacher will receive if you choose to offer him or her Fauchon macarons. Vanilla, caramel, lemon, coffee, dark or milk chocolate, white chocolate with a milk heart, raspberry, pistachio, hazelnut, blackcurrant-violet, spiced mandarin, vanilla-raspberry and many other surprising flavors, in a reglette format of 6 macaroons, in boxes of 12, 16 or even 32 pieces, the choice is yours!

Gift idea for the school teacher: luxury chocolates

Giving chocolate is a delicate attention that never fails to delight the one for whom it is intended. But to make the teacher happy and express all the esteem her little pupil has for her, the choice of chocolate is a crucial step. Fauchon, the chocolate expert, offers high-end chocolate creations that are based on 3 pillars: - a sharp know-how, with expertise on each element that makes up our creations - exceptional ingredients, with 70% cocoa dark chocolate from Criollo "Carenero Superior" beans, 100% Venezuelan origin, Valencia Almond, Piedmont Hazelnut, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla... - unique recipes that offer an innovative vision of chocolate while respecting the traditions and essence of the product.

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